German Shorthair Pointers
Ross and Pauline Goerdt
Somerset, Wisconsin
612 269 5053


                Kit and handler, Brian Johnson at Invitational 2008


Kit finishing her duck search at her Utility trial in 2007.


VC Rugers Cynda Kit Weltmeister 

Invitational Test   8/2008 (200)

Utility Test   9/2007  (204)

Whelped 4/06/2004

PennHip left .24 right .2  at 42 months

White & Liver patched and ticked 

Medium Dense Medium Harsh

Trained at Sharp Shooter's Kennel

Kit is a very high energy, driven, friendly family pet.  Tormented by our bird feeders, she will sit and shake while watching the tweety birds come and go.  She loves to be outside patrolling her yard, patiently sitting watching our spruce trees for birds,  riding in the truck to go hunting and having anything to do with the water.  Although she will steal your recliner when you get up, she is a wonderful house companion; hardly ever barking, she is a quiet watcher of all things.  Kit comes from a line of AKC field champions yet had no problem switching to the NAVHDA testing format.  Kit is an incredible water dog forcing us to become duck and goose hunters to fill her need to romp in the water.  Has incredible nose while hunting, allowing her to  find more than her share of birds.  She ran the duck retrieve in her Utility Test never complaining of  a 5 inch cut on her chest we hadn't noticed when doing the blind duck retrieve.  Without missing a beat she allowed us to flip her over and staple her back together.  Kit has never disappointed as a hunting partner as she has proved herself time after time. 

 Kit hunting in South Dakota in 2010