German Shorthair Pointers
Ross and Pauline Goerdt
Somerset, Wisconsin
612 269 5053


                                              March 8, 2009     Just hours old.

Litter 2009

 March 2009 Kit had her first litter of pups.  12 puppies.  That  was a lot for her and for us.  Although they are extremely adorable, they are work.  We had to start feeding crushed dog food at 10 days as Kit could not keep up with their growth.  Once more food was going in, more clean-up was required more often.  It was amazing how fast the color change was, and once the eyes open the personalities start to show and the adventures begin. Though we thought we could never let those tiny cuties out of our site, we were glad to see the pups start going to good homes at 7 weeks.  The lessons learned from this first litter will stay with us as well as the joy.  It will be fun to see what these pups will accomplish in the future.  

Gunslinger's  NW Heartbreaker

Owned by Tammy Hill and handled by Howie Hill. 

Cage had a prize I in Natural Ability at 5 months old. 

Cage is pictured with Howie after a great day of grouse hunting.



Retrieving ducks

  Cage showing off her stylish point at 5 months old.


                        Grown up pointing, 200 pt.  UT prize I


Gunslinger's Ratchet


 Ratchet relaxing with his bird.     

Gunslinger's Buffalo Bill Cody &                               Gunslinger's Cowboy Mickey

Gunslingers Buffalo Bill Cody (top) shows his intense point during training. 

Gunslingers Cowboy Mickey ( bottom) waits to hunt a field in South Dakota.